All of These Foxes!

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Many of you will remember poor old Fleur fox who appeared with a nasty looking open wound on her back leg in June. She was hobbling around on three legs and there was much concern that her condition might deteriorate. There is a medical term called ‘watchful waiting’ and this can be applied to wildlife too. However, deciding whether to intervene or not is stressful. Fleur made this more difficult by disappearing and the weeks have crept by….
But - she is back!!!  The news was confirmed last night and she is looking fit and well.


Spotted Pip curled up on someone’s front lawn the other day. 

The people who live there are clearly massive fox fans and have been feeding the foxes in the area for a long time, including Donna and Big Dog. I actually took a video of Big Dog curled up in the same spot back in 2012!


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Fox at sunset by simonplanes

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I have the cutest neighbors~

by © Kurt Bowman
Red Fox